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Mbriks™ Tips & Tricks

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So you’ve just got your first pack of Mbriks… fantastic!  Now what?

Well, if you haven’t done so already, consider where you want to display what you build: the refrigerator door? Some other magnetically receptive object? a magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard? An Mdisplay?

Once you’ve got a display surface in mind, try attaching an Mbrik.  Does it stick? Gooooood... (and, dare I say, absolutely necessary for us to move forward ;)  

Now, slide the Mbrik a short way across the surface.  Does the connection between the two feel strong?  Generally speaking, the stronger the magnetic pull between each Mbrik and the display surface, the fewer Mbriks you’ll need to support your LEGO®* creations. 

Next, try flipping and rotating the Mbrik - it should stick on all of its sides.  Note that once you begin building, you'll be able to display your creations in a wide array of orientations: studs facing up, out, in, tilted, etc...

Multidirectional Mbriks

Now, remove the Mbrik and attach it instead to a LEGO®, or other third party block. Once the two are firmly snapped together, attach the pair to the magnetically receptive surface.  Remember that the Mbrik must always be the one touching the surface for the blocks to remain attached. 

Now, you’ll want to consider the following:

    1. Is the surface writable? (e.g. a magnetically receptive dry-erase board)  If so, you'll be able to draw dynamic backgrounds behind what you build!
    2. Is the surface flat or curved?  If it's flat, you should be able to easily incorporate stickers and other printed backgrounds.  
    3. Will your display surface move or vibrate? (e.g., the refrigerator door).  If so, be sure to add enough Mbriks to accommodate the occasional large vibration.  
    4. Does the surface have a glossy finish? (e.g., like many dry erase boards)  Consider using an additional Mbrik or two to compensate for the reduced frictional support.  
    5. How much display surface vs. display area?  Note that although Mbriks must connect to the surface to function, other blocks in your creation may extend beyond the surface’s edges, letting your creations grow  beyond the confines of the magnetically receptive surface.

Once you’ve assessed your display surface, consider what you want to build.  Something big? Something small?  Whatever you build, keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Pick your build orientation first.  Which way do you want the studs (i.e. those cylindrical extensions on the top of all your blocks) to face?  Out towards you? In towards the surface? Up towards the ceiling? Which orientation will best convey your creative vision?
  2. Mbriks must actually touch the magnetically receptive surface to function.  It goes without saying that any Mbrik not touching the display surface will offer no attachment support.  
  3. Space Mbriks apart.  If your creation uses multiple Mbriks, be sure to space them far enough apart so that they connect to the display surface instead of each other.
  4. Build first, attach second.  While it is possible to snap LEGO® blocks to an Mbrik that is already attached to a surface, it is not advisable.  Instead, build your creation on the table or floor and then attach it to the display surface when it is completed.  This will limit the risk of large drops during construction.  So... first hang your empty display surface, then attach your completed Mbrik + LEGO® creations.    
  5. Build larger creations in sections.  For larger creations, building in sections will make placing and adjusting your creation easier; should you wish to change what you’ve built, you’ll only need to remove the section that needs work.
  6. How many Mbriks will your creation need?  Please note that the number of Mbriks™ needed to support any given block creation can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including: the magnetic receptiveness and surface finish of the underlying surface, the weight/sizes of compatible blocks used, the thickness of any media placed between your structure and the underlying surface, and your creation's structural design.
We truly hope you enjoy building and displaying with Mbriks!  Please let us know if you have an questions or suggestions, or would like to share with us what you've built.    

    Lastly, hang on to the box your Mbriks came in!  Keeping your Mbriks in their carton will ensure they don’t get lost among your other blocks.  

    Happy building,


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