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Mbriks Montage

What if you could give LEGO® blocks (and Mega Bloks®, Kre-O® blocks, etc...) new, gravity-defying, multi-directionally magnetic powers?  With Mbriks™, you can!  Just build Mbriks™ into your compatible block creations to display them in amazing new ways on magnetically receptive surfaces. 

What are Mbriks™?  Think of them as accessories to LEGO®, Mega Blok®, and Kre-O® blocks that make it possible to connect block creations multi-directionally to magnetically receptive surfaces while combining them with drawings and other artwork

Mbriks Key Info:

  • Multi-directionally Magnetic: The Mbrik's patent-pending, multi-directionally magnetic design will allow you to build off a magnetically receptive surface in any direction: studs up, out... even tilted, and upside down. 
  • Mix Media: Want to make your wall-mounted, LEGO® + Mbriks™  creations really pop?  Add context and depth to your 3D structures with eye-catching 2D backgrounds.  Whether you draw, paint, or print, an Mbrik's magnetic pull will connect to your magnetically receptive surface through paper, stickers, or other thin media.  
  • Small but Mighty:  Don't let an Mbrik's size fool you; each one can support many times its own weight in compatible blocks.  Depending on how you build, two Mbriks™ can support +/- 100 compatible blocks.* 
  • Think Off the Grid:  With Mbriks, you're no longer tethered to a grid of studs.  Feel free to slide and rotate your creations until you've got things looking just right.     
  • "What should I build on?":  Perhaps you already have some magnetically receptive surfaces around your home.  However, if you're looking for a more permanent, art-like display, consider an Mdisplay™.  Each one features a framed display surface carefully selected for magnetic receptiveness, high frictional coefficient, and write-ability (i.e. you can draw on them too!).  

Thanks to an fantastic Kickstarter campaign and a great showing at the 2018 NY NOW show in New York, we're super excited for 2019.  Please follow along on social media and we'll keep you up to speed with everything going on in the world of Mbriks!  


The Mbriks Team

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