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Mbriks Montage

What if you could give LEGO®* blocks (and Kre-O®** blocks, and Mega Bloks®***, etc...) new, gravity-defying, multi-directionally magnetic powers?  With Mbriks™, you can!  Just build Mbriks™ into your compatible block creations to display them in amazing new ways on magnetically receptive surfaces. 

What are Mbriks™?  Think of them as companion blocks that make it possible to connect your "other" block creations multi-directionally to magnetically receptive surfaces while combining them with drawings and other artwork

Mbriks Key Info:

  • Multi-directionally Magnetic: The Mbrik's patent-pending, multi-directionally magnetic design will allow you to build off a magnetically receptive surface in any direction: studs up, out... even tilted, and upside down. 

Multidirectional Mbriks

  • Mix Media: Add context and depth to your wall-mounted 3D structures with eye-catching 2D backgrounds.  Whether you draw, paint, or print, an Mbrik's magnetic pull will connect to your magnetically receptive surface through paper, stickers, or other thin media.  
  • Small but Mighty:  Don't let an Mbrik's size fool you; each one can support many times its own weight in compatible blocks.  Depending on how you build, two Mbriks™ can support +/- 100 compatible blocks.* 
  • Think Off the Grid:  With Mbriks, you're no longer tethered to a grid of studs.  Feel free to slide and rotate your creations until you've got things looking just right.     
  • "What should I build on?":  Perhaps you already have some magnetically receptive surfaces around your home.  However, if you're looking for a more permanent, art-like display, consider an Mdisplay™.  Each one features a framed display surface carefully selected for magnetic receptiveness, high frictional coefficient, and write-ability (i.e. you can draw on them too!).  

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding Mbriks!  


The Mbriks Team

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