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Display your Mbriks™ + LEGO®* block creations in style with an Mdisplay™, Magnetically-Receptive Build Surface with Wooden Frame. 

Quick Facts: Black, 9" x 9" Ash Wood Frame / White Build Surface / White Mat / Kickstand (desktop display) + Sawtooth (wall display) 

Surface:  Chosen for its strong magnetic receptiveness (i.e. magnets LOVE to stick to it), high frictional coefficient (not too glossy), and compatibility with dry-erase markers and other media, the Mdisplay's build surface provides the optimal launchpad for your block creations. 

Frame: Featuring an elegant, architect-style, authentic ash wood frame, the Mdisplay will stylishly display your block creations on a wall or desktop (kickstand included).   

Writable: Mdisplays™ are compatible with standard dry-erase markers.  Erase with a standard dry-eraser or, when needed, a damp cloth. 

Display Size:  The Mdisplay offers over 56 square inches (7.5” x 7.5”) of display space without the included mat or 36 square inches (6” x 6”) with the included mat in place.   

Background Artwork: Remove the Mdisplay’s backing to add background artwork behind  your block structures.

Orientations:  Wall and desktop display.   

- No assembly required.  Mounting hardware included.

- 3rd party blocks and Mbriks pictured are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in your Mdisplay purchase.  

*Note that your creations can extend well beyond the Mdisplay's edges as long as you have sufficiently anchored them to the display surface with Mbriks™.