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I’ve loved Lego® blocks for as long as I can remember. My first set was from the King’s Castle™ series and it was incredible; an impressive citadel with functioning drawbridge, arrow slit windows, and an inviting courtyard complete with trees, shrubs, and horses.  Playing with it was a blast, but what I enjoyed the most was building it – carefully following each page of the brightly colored instruction manual – and, just looking at it; marveling over the castle’s intricacies while silently commending myself for putting it all together.

But LEGO® construction was always bittersweet.  Indeed, it was too often followed (begrudgingly) by LEGO® DE-construction. As the spatial limitations of urban living came to the fore, my LEGO® creations found themselves locked in a battle for survival with sprawling art materials, comic books, or whatever else I had spread across the floor.  Inevitably, the sets were dismantled - sometimes into sections, with the promise of quick reassembly – but condensed and packed away nonetheless.

Looking back, I wish I’d had Mbriks!  Small, strong, and magnetic, Mbriks™ make it possible to re-imagine your LEGO® sets for an extended life of display on the wall.  No longer must your construction efforts be so soon dismantled. Instead, your creations can rise high above the fracas, renouncing the low ground for a loftier, more distinguished perch.

Here’s to more constructing! (and less de-constructing).



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