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Mbriks in School!

Students using Mbriks in school.

Mbriks™ -- LEGO® blocks -- Schools: The perfect fun-ducational trifecta!

Teachers and students alike know LEGO® blocks in the classroom are great for fun, hands-on learning.  Add Mbriks™ to the mix and the awesomeness is increased exponentially!

What teachers like:  

  • Learning through building:  Mbriks™ offer a great introduction to S.T.E.A.M. concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), as designing and displaying each creation requires the careful balancing of magnetic, frictional and gravitational forces.  
Mbriks: Forces in play.
  • Save floor and table space:  Displaying Mbriks™ + LEGO® creations on the wall adds color and character to the classroom while freeing up floor and table space for other projects.

What students like:  

  • Leave them up!  With Mbriks™, students can keep their LEGO® creations intact and on display at eye level without using up precious classroom floor or table space.

What you need:

Class Pack:  Have a school in mind that you think would benefit from having Mbriks™?  Visit the Mbriks Product Page and choose “Class Pack” from the Pack Size selection menu.  

Each Class Pack comes with 60 Mbriks™, which is enough for approx. 20 medium sized LEGO® + Mbriks™ creations* (+/- 150 LEGO blocks / 3 Mbriks™ each)   

Class Pack PLUS:  What about a display surface?  Choose “Class Pack PLUS” and get a (24” x 36”) deluxe porcelain steel, liquid chalk compatible display surface to go with the 60 Mbriks™ (ships separately).

Mbriks Class Pack Plus

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Send us your photos!  We’d love to see how your class is using Mbriks™.  Please send us images of your build sessions (or the completed creations) and we’ll post them on  (Please note that we cannot use images of children's faces without parental consent.)

Thanks, and happy building!

The Mbriks Team     

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